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IntelliCENTER Software for Motor Control Centers

IntelliCENTER Software for Motor Control Centers

IntelliCENTER® software provides the ultimate window into your MCC. The software puts both real-time diagnostics and MCC documentation at your fingertips to maximize the performance of your MCC and related equipment. The graphical views of individual MCC units display device data and let you quickly view critical status information. The Integration Assistant feature lets you automatically build an I/O tree in the Studio™ 5000 environment or automatically populate the meter data in FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™ using information from IntelliCENTER Software. IntelliCENTER Energy provides the automatic, pre-configured setup of FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix for intelligent motor control devices in the motor control center.

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  • Elevation view provides graphical representation of entire MCC lineup
  • Status indicator displays condition of each motor controller
  • Monitor view displays an overview of the monitored MCC and lets you change configuration parameters
  • Documentation views customized for your MCC include manuals & wiring diagrams, spare parts list
  • Event log records and stores events occurring with the MCC
  • Integration Assistant seamlessly integrates IntelliCENTER® MCCs into the Studio 5000™ programming software and automatically generates tags and IP address configurations for devices in the MCC
  • IntelliCENTER Energy provides automatic, pre-configured setup of FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™ for devices in the MCC and shows real-time energy consumption and historical trending for all intelligent devices directly from IntelliCENTER Software

Additional Information

Intelligent Motor Control Solutions can protect your investment, help optimize productivity and improve uptime.

IntelliCENTER Software 5.0 Adds New Intelligent Motor Control Functionality to Your IntelliCENTER MCC

Computer Monitor w/IntelliCENTER

IntelliCENTER® Software 5.0 provides support for new Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) devices including the PowerFlex® 523 and 525 AC Drives and the E300 Electronic Overload Relay.

IntelliCENTER Software offers many advantages that can help lower the total cost of ownership of your IntelliCENTER Motor Control Centers, including:

  • Integration Assistant for Studio 5000®:
    • Seamlessly integrate your IntelliCENTER Motor Control Centers (MCCs) into the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application from Rockwell Software®.
    • Reduce programming time by automatically adding the Allen-Bradley® CENTERLINE® MCC devices to the I/O tree in the Logix Designer application.
  •  Detailed MCC and end device monitoring, configuration, and diagnostics whenever and wherever you need it
  • Device-level energy information for energy management with IntelliCENTER Energy
    • A pre-configured setup of FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™ software for intelligent motor control devices in the MCC, including variable speed drives, overload relays and SMCs.
    • A view of energy consumption at the device level directly from IntelliCENTER Software
  • Improved uptime
    • Warnings and alarms in advance of failure
    • Convenient access to troubleshooting tools and information 

Learn More

IntelliCENTER Software Brochure [PDF]

IntelliCENTER® technology enhances the intelligence of your MCC using built-in networking to capture information used for predictive maintenance, process monitoring and advanced diagnostics. It helps reduces installation time with its plug-and-play set-up and can help minimizes facility downtime by quickly providing intelligent diagnostic and predictive failure information.

CENTERLINE 2100 MCC w/IntelliCENTER Technology

CENTERLINE 2500 MCC w/IntelliCENTER Technology


OneGear 7700 MCC


CENTERLINE 2100 MCC Product Profile2100-PP020
CENTERLINE 2500 MCC Product Profile2500-PP001
CENTERLINE 1500 Medium Voltage Controllers Selection Guide1500-SG001
IntelliCENTER Technology Product ProfileMCC-PP001
IntelliCENTER Software User ManualMCC-UM001

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