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Low Voltage Distributed Starters

Our Distributed Starters are a cost-effective, efficient and simple solution to your on-machine architecture. These styles offer quick disconnects, rugged construction and various communication options.

ArmorStart Motor Controllers

Bulletin 280/281 ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controllers

Bulletin 280/281 ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controllers offer a simple, cost-effective method of integrating combinations starters, I/O and network capabilities in your on-machine architecture. The product line includes both full-voltage and reversing starters, as well as a safety version that provides a solution for DeviceNet™ safety installations. ArmorStart with EtherNet/IP™ offers the advantages of distributed motor control, EtherNet/IP communication, and Embedded Switch Technology.


ArmorStart Motor Controllers with VFD

Bulletin 284 ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller with Variable-Frequency AC Drive

Bulletin 284 ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controllers with AC Drive are a cost-effective, simple solution to your on-machine architecture. These controllers use quick disconnects for I/O, communications, motor, three-phase and control power while offering several communication options. The safety version of the ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller provides a solution integrated into EtherNet/IP™ and DeviceNet™ safety installations.

ArmorStart LT Motor Controllers

Bulletin 290/291/294 ArmorStart LT Distributed Motor Controller

Bulletin 290E/291E/294E ArmorStart® LT Distributed Motor Controllers are economical, compact in size, and have a lightweight design. They are ideally suited for On-Machine™ conveyor and material handling applications. With this family of controllers, you pay only for what you need without sacrificing performance or robustness. The embedded EtherNet/IP™ and Premier Integration enable seamless data and information flow from the factory floor to the enterprise level using Integrated Architecture. You can use the Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application for programming, setup, and commissioning.