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Bulletin 284 ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller with Variable-Frequency AC Drive

ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controllers with VFD

Bulletin 284 ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controllers with AC Drive are a cost-effective, simple solution to your on-machine architecture. These controllers use quick disconnects for I/O, communications, motor, three-phase and control power while offering several communication options. The safety version of the ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controller provides a solution integrated into EtherNet/IP™ and DeviceNet™ safety installations.

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  • On-machine™ starting solution
  • Variable frequency AC drive using PowerFlex® technology
  • Robust IP67/NEMA Type 4 and NEMA Type 4X enclosure rating
  • Built-in DeviceNet™ communication and DeviceLogix™ Smart Component Technology
  • Connectivity to ArmorPOINT® distributed I/O products
  • ControlNet™ and EtherNet/IP™ communication via ArmorPOINT® I/O
  • Source brake patch cables offer efficient installation maintenance
  • 193-DNCT DeviceNet™ Configuration Terminals
    • Offer more diagnostics with easier commissioning and programming
    • Use configurations that you can upload, store, and download to the device
    • Provide advanced health diagnostics including a heartbeat feature


  • 284A/284D ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controller
  • 284D ArmorStart Safety Distributed Motor Controller
  • 284E ArmorStart EtherNet/IP Distributed Motor Controller


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Learn More

Is it time to go On-machine? The "On-machine" philosophy moves automation and safety controllers on to the machine itself, rather than in a centrally-located cabinet, resulting in time and space savings. Read how this philosophy has been implemented in various industries.

The ArmorStart Virtual Demo explains the benefits of the ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controller family, including:

  • Product positioning within the product family
  • Potential savings when using the On-Machine solution
  • DeviceNet™ and EtherNet/IP™ network solutions

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  • ArmorStart EtherNet/IP Add-on Profile with DeviceLogix — The Add-on Profile offers quick and efficient program development with automatic tag generation, single-software configuration, and a user-friendly interface.
  • ArmorStart Savings Calculator — Use this calculator to estimate installations savings using On-Machine™ versus traditional wiring.
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ArmorStart™ is suitable for many applications including:

  • Material handling applications such as food processing, beverage industry, automotive industry, distribution warehouse centers, and airport baggage handling systems.
  • Mining applications such as conveyor belts, pumps, and compressors.
  • Petrochemical applications such as pumps, fans, and compressors.