RDD-Series Direct Drive Servo Motors

RDD-Series Direct Drive Servo Motors

Bulletin RDD-Series™ Servo Motors connect directly to the load, eliminating the need for gearboxes, timing belts, pulleys and other mechanical components. The result is reduced energy consumption, faster settling times and better overall control of the load.

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  • Delivers high torque at low speeds to match application needs
  • Bearingless-housed configuration for applications where the load is already supported by its own bearings
  • Continuous torque range of 5…426 Nm (44…3770 lb-in.)
  • Simplified mechanics and reduced part count decreases downtime and maintenance
  • Seamless integration with our Integrated Architecture solution with a single environment for programming, control and data collection
  • Heidenhain high-resolution absolute encoders, single- and multi-turn options
  • Windings optimized for use with our Kinetix servo drives
  • Environmental protection to IP65


Kinetix Rotary Motion Specifications Technical DataGMC-TD001


  • CE marked
  • CSA
  • C-Tick
  • UL recognized

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Use RSLogix 5000 programming software from Rockwell Software® to program your RDD-Series Direct Drive Servo Motor.

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Integrated Architecture BrochureIA-BR005
Kinetix Motion Control Selection GuideGMC-SG001
Kinetix Rotary Motion Specifications Technical DataGMC-TD001
Rotary Direct Drive Bearingless Motors Installation InstructionsRDB-IN002
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Typical applications for RDD-Series™ Servo Motors include:

  • Axes with high-power and high-performance requirements
  • Replace mechanical gear reduction (gear boxes, belts, pulleys)
  • Tight space constraints

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