Bulletin 1746 SLC I/O Chassis-Based


Bulletin 1746 SLC™ I/O provides a full range of digital, analog, and specialty I/O for a wide variety of applications. You can use the I/O modules in a local I/O chassis of an SLC 500 controller. Or, use an I/O communication adapter module to place I/O in a chassis at a location remote from the controller.

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  • Installs in an SLC™ 500 chassis
  • Connects up to three chassis with 30 I/O modules to a single controller or communication adapter
  • Includes optical coupling and filter circuitry which provides signal noise reduction
  • Some modules include color-coded, removable terminal blocks

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SLC500 Systems Selection Guide1747-SG001


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SLC 500 Systems Selection Guide1747-SG001
SLC-Based Stepper Module Technical Data1746-TD039
SLC 500 Analog I/O Modules Installation Instructions1746-IN006
SLC 500 Digital I/O Module Installation Instructions1746-IN027
SLC 500 Analog I/O Modules User Manual1746-UM005
SLC 500 Servo Control Module User Manual1746-UM613
SLC 500 Stepper Controller Module User Manual1746-UM121
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