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Bulletin 1794 FLEX I/O In-Cabinet Modular

FLEX™ I/O offers the functionality of larger rack-based I/O without the space requirements. FLEX I/O offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, modularity, and reliability. Communication options include EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Universal Remote I/O, and other networks. FLEX‑I/O XT™ modules provide a distributed I/O solution for your ControlLogix‑XT™ extreme environment system.


  • Modular design lets you independently select the I/O, termination style and network interface
  • Assembles without tools—all components snap onto a DIN rail and plug together to form the I/O system
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically on a standard DIN rail
  • Communicates on EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Universal Remote I/O, and other networks
  • Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) lets you replace modules and make connections while the system is in operation
  • FLEX-I/O XT™ extreme environment modules operate in a broader temperature range and are ANSI/ISA2, IEC and EMC-compliant
  • Configuration wizards speed engineering and installation


1794 FLEX™ I/O Communication Interfaces

  • Provides the interface between the FLEX I/O modules and backplane, and the desired network
  • Snaps onto the DIN rail

1794 FLEX I/O Terminal Bases

  • I/O module plugs into the terminal base
  • Provides terminal connection points for an I/O module
  • Snaps onto the DIN rail
  • Terminal bases plug into each other to form the system backplane

1794 FLEX I/O Modules

  • Provides I/O circuits
  • Plugs into a terminal base on the DIN rail
  • Connect a maximum of eight I/O modules in an assembly

1794 FLEX I/O Power Supplies

  • Two optional 120/220V AC-to-24V DC power supplies are available for powering the FLEX I/O system

1794 FLEX I/O Accessories

  • Variety of products to enhance installation flexibility and to fill special termination needs
  • Includes distribution boards, extender cables, marking kits, and other accessories


  • UL; UL Class I, Div 2; CE; CE / ATEX, CSA Class I, Div 2; C-Tick, Marine certification, SIL 2

Certifications apply when product is marked. See our Product Certification site for Declarations of Conformity, certificates and other certification details.

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Our Extreme Environment (XT) System [PDF] includes control, communication, and distributed I/O products that extend the benefits of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture to applications with more demanding environmental conditions.

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Communication Interfaces

Bulletin 1794 FLEX™ I/O Communication Adapter Modules enable the FLEX I/O modules to exchange data with an I/O scanner across a communication network. Communication adapters are available for EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, Universal Remote I/O, and other networks. A ControlNet adapter for extreme environments is also available.

I/O Modules

Bulletin 1794 FLEX™ I/O offers flexibility for your application with digital, analog, HART analog, and specialty I/O, with 4 to 32 points per module. You can mix and match digital and analog I/O with mounting and wiring options.

Terminal Bases

Each FLEX™ I/O module requires a terminal base unit that provides terminal connection points for I/O wiring. The terminal bases snap onto the DIN rail and plug together to form the backplane. They are available with screw or spring terminations.

Power Supplies

Bulletin 1794 FLEX™ I/O power supplies provide power for the FLEX I/O communication adapter and I/O modules.

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We offer a variety of accessories for your FLEX I/O™ Modules, including:

  • Cold junction compensation kit
  • DIN rail locks
  • Distribution boards
  • Extender cables
  • Filler module
  • Label kit
  • Panel mounting kit
  • Terminal bases

View all FLEX I/O Module accessories

I/O Wiring Accessories

Our I/O wiring and conversion systems provide faster installation, fewer wiring errors, and simplified troubleshooting for your Allen-Bradley® I/O.

  • Interface modules (IFMs, AI FMs), pre-wired cables, and ready-to-wire cables replace terminal blocks, reducing point-to-point wiring
  • IFMs let you add terminations, status indicators, and over-current protection for your I/O