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Bulletin 2711C PanelView Component C600 Graphic Terminals

PanelView Component C600 Graphic Terminals

Our Bulletin 2711C PanelView™ Component C600 Graphic Terminals have a 5.7 in. flat-panel display available in TFT color, CSTN color or monochrome. These terminals support operator input via touch screen.

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  • Built-in mounting clamps simplify installation
  • Allows you to design and configure with built-in software or through the Connected Components Workbench software environment
  • Optimized for compatibility with MicroLogix™ controllers
  • Supports communication via RS-232 (DH-485), RS-232 (DF1) and RS-485
  • Two USB ports for transferring files or updating firmware
  • Supports USB flash memory cards
  • Several language options for display, including Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Alert operators with alarm messages that include embedded variables
  • Upload and download groups of data or parameter settings with basic recipe capability
  • Design and configuration security protects applications from unauthorized access or modifications


PanelView Component Specifications Technical Data2711C-TD001


  • C-ul-US Listed
  • CE Marked
  • C-Tick
  • KC

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The PanelView™ Component graphic terminals include built-in design software, eliminating the need to install software on a PC and reducing both startup and servicing time. Simply connect your computer to the PanelView Component graphic terminal using a USB cable or via Ethernet, then launch the software through your web browser (either Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Mozilla® Firefox®). Use the dashboard as a single point-of-entry for accessing all terminal and design operations. While connected to the terminal, you can:

  • launch the tabbed design environment.
  • view the results of your design efforts on the terminal without having to download the application first.
  • modify terminal display and communication settings, view system information and enable login security.
  • transfer files between built-in storage and a USB flash drive, an SD card or a computer.
  • delete files from built-in storage.
  • change the startup application or language the terminal uses for configuration screens and diagnostic messages.

For programming without a PanelView Component graphic terminal, you can obtain an emulator for use with Windows® XP and Microsoft Vista® systems.

Use Connected Components Workbench software with Microsoft Visual Studio® technology to program your PanelView Component terminals.

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Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.


PanelView Component Brochure2711C-BR001
PanelView Component Product Profile2711C-PP001
Visualization Solutions Selection GuideVIEW-SG001
PanelView Component HMI Terminals Quick Start2711C-QS001
PanelView Component User Manual2711C-UM001
PanelView Component Specifications Technical Data2711C-TD001
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