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Bulletin 1408 PowerMonitor 1000

PowerMonitor 1000

Bulletin 1408 PowerMonitor™ 1000 is a compact power monitor for load profiling, cost allocation, or energy control. Our monitor integrates with your existing energy monitoring systems to provide sub-metering. Our PLCs (PLC-5®, SLC®, ControlLogix® family) easily communicate with the PowerMonitor™ 1000 to use energy data in control systems.

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  • Compact size
  • Available EtherNet/IP™, Serial DF1, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP Communications
  • Integrated LCD display
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting
  • Wiring diagnostics
  • Time of use (On-Peak, Off-Peak)
  • Logs: Energy, Min/Max, Status, and Load Factor
  • View data and configure through the integrated Web page


1408 PowerMonitor™ 1000, Transducer and Energy-monitor Models

  • Transducer models measure voltage, current, and power-related tags
  • Energy-monitor models (EM1 and EM2) measure consumption-related tags such as real, reactive, and apparent energy
  • Energy-monitor models (EM3) provide all the features of both the transducer and energy-monitor models
  • All models are available with both serial and direct-connect standard Ethernet ports


  • UL Listed, CUL Certified, CE Compliant, CSA Compliant

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Use these software packages to configure, monitor, analyze, manage, print, and save power monitor data with your PowerMonitor™ 1000.

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Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.


PowerMonitor 1000 Product Profile1408-PP001
Power and Energy Management Selection Guide1400-SG001
PowerMonitor 1000 Installation Instructions1408-IN001
PowerMonitor 1000 Upgrade Kit Instructions1408-IN002
PowerMonitor 1000 User Manual1408-UM001
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  • Demand Management
  • Electrical SCADA
  • Emergency Load Shed
  • Electrical Optimization
  • Energy Accountability
  • HVAC
  • Machine Level Monitoring

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