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PowerMonitor 3000

Bulletin 1404 PowerMonitor 3000

Bulletin 1404 PowerMonitor™ 3000 provides configurable real-time power quality data, harmonics analysis, high-speed oscillography, and sub-metering via a variety of communication protocols all in a compact package.


  • Oscillography, harmonic analysis, and transient detection
  • Multiple communication options include:
    • Ethernet, DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, Remote I/O and RSS-232 open networks
    • Direct-connect standard Ethernet ports
    • Ethernet cards and our RSEnergyMetrix® software use existing LAN infrastructures and common web-browser client software
    • Networking solutions to move and merge data from various plant networks and present an integrated view
    • Standard native RS-485 communication port that supports the DF1 half-duplex slave protocol and Modbus RTU
  • Various update rates
  • Configurable logs up to 45000 parameters deep
  • Time stamp data logging of system measurements and events


  • 1404 PowerMonitor™ 3000


  • UL Listed, CUL Certified, CE Compliant, CSA Compliant

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Use these software packages to configure, monitor, analyze, manage, print, and save power monitor data with your PowerMonitor™ 3000.

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Additional software products are available from Rockwell Software.

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