PowerFlex 700AFE Regenerative Bus Power Supply

PowerFlex 700AFE Regenerative Bus Supply

Bulletin 700AFE Active Front End (AFE) is a regenerative DC bus supply that supplies DC power to a line-up of AC drives that have a common DC bus input or a single common bus drive. The AFE allows regeneration to the AC power line and provides low harmonics to meet IEEE-519 requirements.

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  • Regenerative braking for energy savings and elimination of braking resistors
  • Low AC input harmonics
  • Power factor control regardless of motor speed and load
  • Input voltage-boost operation provides full 480V AC to the motor, even when operating on 380V AC power lines
  • Configured with the Studio 5000™ Logix Designer application
PowerFlex 700AFE Regenerative Bus Power Supply

Common Bus Power Supplies


PowerFlex 700AFE User Manual20Y-UM001


  • CE marked for all applicable directives
  • cULus

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PowerFlex 700AFE Product Profile20Y-PP001
PowerFlex 700AFE - PowerFlex Active Front End User Manual20Y-UM001
AC Drives Common Bus Configurations Application GuidelinesDRIVES-AT002
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Typical applications for the PowerFlex 700AFE Regenerative Bus Power Supplies include:

  • The PowerFlex® 700AFE Active Front End is an excellent solution for common bus or single drive applications that require AC line regeneration or low harmonics.

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