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Bulletin 1492 I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems

I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems

Bulletin 1492 I/O Wiring Systems include interface modules and cables that connect through pre-wired cables to digital and analog I/O.

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  • Increases machine building productivity
  • Simplifies design and engineering time
  • Reduces wiring time and wiring errors
  • Benefits from quality-looking panels
  • Supports conversions from Modicon 800 and 1771 PLC-5® systems to 1756 ControlLogix® I/O


  • 1492 Digital Interface Modules
  • 1492 Analog Interface Modules
  • 1492 Digital Cables
  • 1492 Analog Cables
  • 1492 Conversion Modules
  • 1492 Conversion Mounting Assemblies


  • cULus Hazardous Locations, CE

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Learn More

Watch the following videos to see how our I/O Wiring Conversion Systems can help you save time and money and reduce wiring errors when converting from PLC-5 I/O to ControlLogix I/O.


In-Panel I/O Wiring System Modules and Cables Brochure1492-BR016
PLC-5 to ControlLogix I/O Wiring Conversion Selection Guide1492-SG121
Digital/Analog Programmable Controller Wiring Systems Technical Data1492-TD008
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