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Relay modules provide additional relay capabilities to our XM® series of intelligent I/O modules.

1440 Master Module

Bulletin 1440 Master Relay Modules

The XM® 440 Master Relay Modules combine four relay inputs with XM bus master capabilities to support remote, shared, and voted relay operation for distributed XM measurement modules. Each module supports as many as twelve relays. Each relay is configured to actuate on “A out of B” voting logic, which can be applied to alarm status conditions broadcast from XM measurement modules located anywhere on the XM bus.

1440 Expansion Module

Bulletin 1440 Expansion Relay Modules

The XM® 441 Expansion Relay Modules provide four additional relays to any XM measurement module or to an XM-440 Master Relay Module. These are not intelligent XM modules, and they do not consume node addresses on DeviceNet™ buses. These modules simply extend the circuitry of their host modules. Configuration is provided through the host module by simply replacing the host module’s virtual relays with physical relays.

1440 Electronic Overspeed Module

Bulletin 1440 Electronic Overspeed Detection System Relay Modules

The XM® 442 Voted EODS Relay Modules are components of Electronic Overspeed Detection Systems (EODS). Three relays act as redundant shutdown relays. A fourth relay provides alarm annunciation. Overspeed alarm inputs come from three independently connected XM-220 Dual Speed Modules. The module is not an intelligent DeviceNet™ device and requires no configuration.