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Eddy Current Probes

Our eddy current probes are non-contact pick-ups that satisfy the American Petroleum Insitute (API) Standard 670 requirements. The sensors are non-contacting eddy-current type transducers that measure the dynamic and/or static displacement of a target surface, such as a shaft, relative to the mounting fixture, such as a bearing housing. We offer accessory items such as tachometer signal conditioners, linear differential variable transformers, rotary potentiometers, and hall effect speed sensors.

1442 Series Probes

Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems

Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems, our premier systems, offer 5 mm (0.20 in.) and 8 mm (0.31 in.) probes. These systems offer many advantages over competitive technologies: pressure-resistant, injection-molded probes; color-coded connectors; isolated, narrow-profile DIN mounted drivers; and interchangeable components. They are suited for shaft vibration, phase/speed reference, and rotor/thrust position measurements.

2100 Series Probes

Bulletin 2100 Eddy Current Probe Systems

Bulletin 2100 Eddy Current Probe Systems offer 5...50 mm (0.20... 1.97 in.) tip diameters. These systems are ideal for vibration, speed/acceleration, rotor/position, and differential expansion measurements. Consider these systems for your long-range measurements and for applications where the advantages offered by the Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems are unnecessary.