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Eccentricity is the measure of the amount of bow in a rotor. Rotor bow can be a fixed mechanical bow, or it can be a temporary bow caused by uneven thermal heating or simply by the weight of the rotor (gravity bow). Knowing and managing the amount of rotor bow is critical to the startup of most steam turbines.

1440 Eccentricity Module

Bulletin 1440 Eccentricity Modules

The XM® 120E Eccentricity Modules are XM-120 Standard Dynamic Measurement Modules that are loaded with XM-120E Firmware. These modules provide four key measurements including the peak-to-peak eccentricity value, the instantaneous gap value and the minimum and maximum observed gap values. They can operate stand-alone or on DeviceNet™ networks to provide real-time data and status information to other XM modules, programmable controllers, distributed control systems, and condition monitoring systems.