Bulletin 9309 Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software

Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software

Our Bulletin 9309 Emonitor® Condition Monitoring Software works with our monitors and portable data collectors to help establish and execute a condition-based predictive maintenance program.

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  • Supports advanced statistical alarming
  • Supports multiple data collection platforms: Enpac®, Enwatch®, and XM®
  • Provides intelligent, automated diagnostics and advisories
  • Allows web client access
  • Provides OPC client and server support
  • Uses Computerized Machinery Maintenance System (CMMS) gateways to send analysis results to a variety of systems, including work management systems


Emonitor Product ProfileGMSI10-PP018
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Emonitor® software is suitable for the following applications:

  • Online surveillance systems
  • Portable data collection systems
  • Integration with Logix controllers

Customer Success

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