Industrial Environment Computers

Industrial Environment Computers offer solutions for the physical limitations and requirements of your environment. Non-display Computers provide a variety of options in form factors, RAM, storage, performance, operating temperatures and optical drives. Integrated Display Computers are available in different screen sizes, storage options, performance packages, and models with built-in keypads.

Bulletin 6200 VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers

VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers

Introducing the VersaView 5400 industrial computer, available in 2017.

Our Bulletin 6200 VersaView 5400 industrial computers feature an open architecture, which provides greater application flexibility. These computers have a quad core Intel Atom E3845 processor and a 128 GB solid-state drive. The units are available with or without integrated display. Display versions have a modern, edgeless glass design with ten-point, capacitive multi-touch screen.

Bulletin 6180 Industrial Environment Integrated Display Computer with Keypad

6180 Computers with Keypad

Bulletin 6180P Integrated Display Computers with Keypad include an integrated display and a programmable keypad in the same unit. These computers can control machinery or processes, display information, and gather basic production information.

Bulletin 6181 Industrial Environment Integrated Display Computer No Keypad

6181 Computers

Our Integrated Display Computers combine cutting-edge field technology and state-of-the-art hardware for an enhanced user experience. The performance and advanced models offer a powerful open computing platform with plenty of horsepower to run most software architectures including our FactoryTalk® View visualization software.

Bulletin 6155 Industrial Environment Compact Non-Display Computers

6155 Compact Computers

Bulletin 6155R/F (200R) Compact Non-display Computers have a compact form factor with options for hard-disk drive or solid-state disk drive. These computers are suitable for continuous-duty, mission-critical purposes in demanding environments. They include pre-registered software licensing and application interoperability.

Bulletin 6177 Industrial Environment Non-Display Computers, 650R

6177 Standard Computers, 650R

Bulletin 6177R Non-display Computers (650R) feature Intel Core Duo processors. They are available in machine-mount form factors and offer the right balance of performance and ruggedness. These computers operate in 0…55 °C (32…131 °F) temperatures.

Bulletin 6177 Industrial Environment Non-Display Computers, 750R & 1450R

6177 Standard Computers, 750R & 1450R

Bulletin 6177R Non-display Computers (750R and 1450R) leverage the Intel second-generation Core processors to provide extremely powerful, highly reliable platforms that are suitable for industrial environments. These computers are available in rugged machine-mount and rack-mount form factors. They offer powerful remote management, onboard backup/restore, and integrated diagnostic capabilities.