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Non-Display Computers

Non-display Industrial Computers offer solutions for the physical limitations and requirements of your environment. Our non-display computers provide a variety of options in form factors, RAM, storage, performance and optical drives.

6155 Compact Computers

Bulletin 6155 Industrial Environment Compact Non-Display Computers

Bulletin 6155R/F (200R) Compact Non-display Computers have a compact form factor with options for hard-disk drive or solid-state disk drive. These computers are suitable for continuous-duty, mission-critical purposes in demanding environments. They include pre-registered software licensing and application interoperability.

6177 Standard Computers, 650R

Bulletin 6177 Industrial Environment Non-Display Computers, 650R

Bulletin 6177R Non-display Computers (650R) feature Intel Core Duo processors. They are available in machine-mount form factors and offer the right balance of performance and ruggedness. These computers operate in 0…55 °C (32…131 °F) temperatures.

6177 Standard Computers, 750R & 1450R

Bulletin 6177 Industrial Environment Non-Display Computers, 750R & 1450R

Bulletin 6177R Non-display Computers (750R and 1450R) leverage the Intel second-generation Core processors to provide extremely powerful, highly reliable platforms that are suitable for industrial environments. These computers are available in rugged machine-mount and rack-mount form factors. They offer powerful remote management, onboard backup/restore, and integrated diagnostic capabilities.