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Extreme Environment Computers

Extreme Environment Computers combine Hazardous Location certifications along with the capacity to withstand more extreme temperatures than any other offering on the market. Industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, and mining involve potentially explosive materials in locations where hardware often takes a beating. These computers are designed to endure harsh temperature extremes. They are ATEX and UL rated for hazardous locations.

Integrated Display

Extreme Environment Integrated Display Computers

Integrated Display Computers serve as the foundation for visualization control of processes and machinery. We offer integrated display computers that are ATEX and UL rated for hazardous locations. These computers operate in extreme temperatures, and they support readability in sunlight. These computers can control machinery or processes, display information, and gather production information.


Extreme Environment Non-Display Computers

Non-display Industrial Computers offer solutions for the requirements of your environment. Our computers with solid-state drives are ATEX and UL rated for hazardous locations. These computers operate in extreme temperatures.